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Hopefully this is a rarity in your organization, but do you know how to handle an employee who does not show up for work for several days?  Here is some direction on steps that can be taken.  Of course, be sure to also check with your state’s labor department for any relevant job abandonment laws.


Of concern to everyone, the partisan posturing over the U.S.  debt ceiling is increasingly threatening confidence in sovereign debt and global markets.  However, the number that is not being discussed is the U.S. government’s estimated $61 trillion in unfunded liabilities for future benefits, per the calculations of USA Today.  To put it in perspective, this is more than 4 times greater than the national debt of $14 trillion. 


Best Buy recently settled a discrimination suit with 9 employees at a cost of $200,000.  However with legal fees, the cost could top a mind boggling $10 million.


The outcome is still very much in question, but the debate in Washington over the federal debt ceiling could eventually have far reaching effects on individuals and business owners alike.  We will keep you posted on tax and other implications when there is more clarity on a resolution. 


Here are some good thoughts on the benefit to hiring veterans and how to start a hiring program.