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CFO Magazine gives simple suggestions on how to help your audit committee to do the best job possible.  The story makes an interesting example of how Lehman Bros  audit committee followed the letter of the law, but still did not have the resources to discover the most serious problems. 


Here are a few timely HR issues to consider tackling if you haven’t already.  At the top of the list, have you considered how to handle issues with employees posting material on social media sites?


Here are some clever ideas from hrworld.com on how to reward your employees without increasing payroll. 


Accounting Today details the issue of repatriation of foreign profits.  Perhaps you caught the 60 Minutes story on companies setting up shell headquarters in Switzerland.  In brief, many U.S. based companies have been recording their profits in foreign countries, thus avoiding a large portion of U.S. taxes.  There have been suggestions in Washington to have a “tax holiday” on the repatriation of those profits.  Treasury has already stated their opposition to this plan.  Please contact us you would like to discuss how your company may be impacted by proposed accounting and legislative changes.